1. Internet Reservation Service / International Reservation Service
It is provided online real-time reservation service through the web-site www.KTlimo.com
Easy and convenient to book Limousine Taxi, even though you are anywhere.
Providing a internet reservation service, it helps you save the time.
2. Total Limousine Service
(1) Providing a official event, special event and any kind of ceremony event
(2) Wedding car service
(3) Business trips and travel to other areas
(4) Airport pick-up and sending service for VIP
3. A convenient payment and settlement service
(1) A wireless credit card payment system
(2) Electronic payment service through internet
(3) Coupon Service System : More easy to pay and settle / More cheaper than cash.
** Contracted company only
4. The real-name system
Be informed driver’s name and plate number in advance, in order to using Limousine Taxi with safety and comfortable.
5. Long & Better Service
Providing better price & better service for long-term used customer
A. The type of car : Chairman Limousine 600L (3,200cc)
B. Driver’s career : Driving without an accident for more than 20 years
C. Foreign Language : English & Japanese
D. Convenient payment : A wireless credit card payment system
1. Goldman Sachs : The security corporation
2. New Bridge Capital : The bank corporation
3. Deutsche Bank : The bank corporation
4. Deutsche Securities : The security corporation
5. Bain Company : The consulting company
6. Han-kyoung DISCO : The development of human resources company
7. Herbal Life Inc. : The distribution company
8. HSBC : The bank corporation
9. Anyhotel4u.com : Real time internet hotel reservation company
10. Kang-won Land : The Casino company Etc…
1. Network System
(1) Domestic Network : To be completed in June. 2002.
(2) International Network : To be completed in December. 2002.
2. Membership Systems : A membership system with customer database    program
(1) V I P membership
(2) Company membership
(3) Ordinary membership
3. Planning a raise in the number of cars
(1) 20 cars will be rising until April. 2002
(2) 40 cars will be rising until August. 2002
(3) 60 cars will be rising until December. 2002
*** It depends on increasing demand
4. International Service
Providing one call system through franchise contract with foreign Limousine rent company (To be completed until October. 2002
5. Bonus Mileage System
Providing a complimentary Limousine service for a excellent valuable customer and company
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